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Theatre Review: Snow White and the Seven Dames--Perth Theatre ****

Joy Watters reviews a production that's 'a highly entertaining piece with something to say'.

Perth Theatre really gets into its stride this year with a smart contemporary show while retaining lots of the well-loved panto traditions, all amidst the gorgeously restored theatre.

Frances Poet has written a panto in which sisters are doing it for themselves. Snow White is not hanging around for a handsome prince but shaking off the shackles of evil herself.

Emma Mullen’s Snow White is spot on, empowering herself to change her life, she realises the importance of friendship in her journey.

She is bullied by her wicked stepmother, Queen B, who is vainer than vain and crueller than cruel and boy, does the wonderful Helen Logan get her teeth into the old bat.

It’s all about appearance for Queen B who uses gallons of beauty elixir mined locally, and the Dames, like their dwarf predecessors, are working down the pit run by Dunfrackin. The constant demand for elixir is causing tremors in this eco-conscious piece.

Chief Dame Barrie Hunter plays all Seven Dames together with Ewan Sommers, making for much mirth. Hunter also directs, bringing his wealth of panto experience to bear, leading the merriment but also allowing the message of the panto to be heard loud and clear.

The prince Poshpants (Michael Dylan) is an amiable useless upper class twit and Kyle Gardiner’s Huntsman, a confused soul struggling to do the right thing.

The youth cast is full of vim and vigour, gleefully creating a gang of endearing little moles amidst their other roles.

It all looks stunning thanks to Becky Minto’s design (particularly the mine which is a carefully crafted delight) and Simon Wilkinson’s lighting.

There’s lots of well-loved contemporary songs led by the Perth Panto Orchestra, Iona Crosby, Kieran Young and Max Popp. All in all, a highly entertaining piece with something to say.

Runs at Perth Theatre until January 5.

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