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Theatre Review: South Bend ***

Michael Cox reviews a production that's 'good fun while it lasts and contains a fair amount of laughs'.

Anyone who’s seen or read the promos for South Bend pretty much know what happens in this hour-long production: young Scottish man falls for an American, yet when he goes to visit her in the States things go wrong and he has to leave early.

But as with any story, it’s not the ‘what’ but the ‘how’ that matters. Actor Martin McCormick, who also wrote the piece, plays himself, David A Pollock serves as the DJ who plays and creates the soundtrack while actor Jess Chanliau plays every other character, and together they relay McCormick’s (true?) story with a cheeky glee throughout.

It might not be the most remarkable production, but it’s good fun while it lasts and contains a fair amount of laughs.

South Bend is at the Gilded Balloon at the Museum venue and performs at 3pm until August 27th.

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