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Festival Review: My Name is Irrelevant ***

Michael Cox reviews a moving production.

Festival Review: Oedipus ***

Michael Cox reviews a production that's easy to admire but is emotionally distant.

Festival Review: 8:8 ****

Michael Cox reviews a thought-provoking production.

Festival Review: Sparkle ****

Michael Cox reviews 'a production that wears its heart on its sleeve'.

Festival Review: My Best Dead Friend ***

Michael Cox reviews 'a pleasant hour of laughter and tears'.

Festival Review: Like Animals ***

Michael Cox reviews an enjoyable production.

Festival Review: Peter Gynt ****

Michael Cox reviews an enjoyable production with a magnificent central performance.

Festival Review: Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran ***

Michael Cox reviews an ambitious production that doesn't completely work.

Festival Review: Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster ***

Michael Cox reviews 'a thrilling hour of music, sound effects and theatricality'.

Festival Review: The Patient Gloria ****

Michael Cox reviews 'a tremendous production that moves as much as it provokes thought'.

Festival Review: Crocodile Fever ***

Michael Cox reviews a production that takes many unexpected turns.

Festival Review: Trying It On ****

Michael Cox reviews a 'production that is far more than it seems'.

Festival Review: How Not to Drown ***

Michael Cox reviews 'an honourable production'.

Festival Review: Enough ***

Michael Cox reviews 'a perfectly enjoyable' production.

Festival Review: Until the Flood ****

Michael Cox reviews 'a brilliant combination of performance, writing and staging'.

Festival Review: Burgerz ****

Michael Cox reviews an important production with a 'witty, personable' performance.

Festival Review: Pan Breid ****

Scott Purvis reviews a 'tight, fast-paced play' filled with hilarious characters.

Festival Review: Gone Full Havisham ****

Scott Purvis reviews 'an enthralling, gross and explosive hour of theatre'.

Festival Review: The Last Five Years ***

Scott Purvis reviews 'a simple yet effectively staged piece'.

Theatre Review: Heritage *****

Joy Watters reviews an unmissable production.

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