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Acts of Godfrey (15)


When god (aka Godfrey) decides to improve the flagging prospects of Vic, he pairs him up with the unprincipled and sexually predatory Mary. But even with Godfrey's divine powers, the path of true love is beset with the twists and turns of fate. A sexual wonder drug, an unscrupulous conman, two psychotic gangsters, a long-dead twin and a terrible case of mistaken identity, all combine to create 'Acts of Godfrey'.

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The critical consensus

The script’s too busy being arch to give its characters anything to do but act as postmodern mouthpieces, a flaw which makes this unbearable.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Emma Dibdin, Total Film, 16/01/2012

An audacious experiment that misses the mark by some distance.

**(*)(*)(*)Simon Crook, Empire Online, 23/01/2012

Witty and clever rhymes, occur several times. But as a bold experiment, this exhausting affair adds little to the general merriment!

**(*)(*)(*)Allan Hunter, Daily Express, 27/01/2012

Things only properly kick off in a frantic farce-like finale; by then the laboriousness of the plotting has taken its toll.

**(*)(*)(*)Andrew Pulver, The Guardian, 27/01/2012

The acting’s cracking, but damn this is taxing.

**(*)(*)(*)Tom Seymour, Little White Lies, 27/01/2012

The dialogue is in rhyming couplets, an initially amusing device that rapidly becomes tiresome.

Philip French, The Observer, 29/01/2012

Acts of Godfrey (15)

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