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Decoy Bride, The (12A)

Comedy, Drama

When the world's media descend on the remote Scottish island where a Hollywood actress is attempting to get married, a local girl is hired as a decoy bride to put the paparazzi off the scent.

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The critical consensus

It’s all on Tennant and Macdonald to make it work, and though they could have done with a few more zingy lines apiece, they manage the will-they-won’t-they bickering with plentiful verve.

***(*)(*)Hannah McGill, The List, 22/02/2012

In a script so heavily cut it could be a paper doily, what’s left is vaguely cute, rather predictable and wholly insubstantial.

Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman, 06/03/2012

Predictable, plodding and paltry, Folkson’s film looks cheap and like the mock wedding, nothing in it – especially the emotions – feels real, with the quality cast looking understandably disinterested.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)James Mottram, Total Film, 27/02/2012

It’s certainly not hard to see why it is mostly bypassing cinemas.

**(*)(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 08/03/2012

The cast has charm, and some of lines raise a chuckle, but the story lacks pace, plausibility and surprise.

**(*)(*)(*)Henry Fitzherbert, Daily Express, 08/03/2012

Tennant does his best in a strangely written role requiring him to be supercilious and charming at the same time.

GEoffrey Macnab, The Independent, 09/03/2012

It's indulgent, but Macdonald's performance is attractive and relaxed.

***(*)(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 08/03/2012

If this is life after the Tardis, he must be wishing he’d stuck with the Time Lord gig.

David Edwards, Daily Record, 09/03/2012

It's as short of laughs as it is of logic.

Nicholas Barber, The Independent, 11/03/2012

'Nam-style flashbacks aside, you probably won’t spend a lot of time mentally revisiting this one.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Matt Bochenski, Little White Lies, 12/03/2012

Features about Decoy Bride, The (12A)

David Tennant and Kelly Macdonald walk up the aisle for Decoy Bride

Beverley Lyons, Daily Record, 08/02/2012

The Decoy Bride: a Scottish screwball comedy to savour

Lee Randall, The Scotsman, 18/02/2012

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