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Comedy, Crime

July 2010, Montreal, Canada. Sophie Malaterre, 25 years old, fashion designer, is not looking forward to the summer holidays. No projects, no friends, no boyfriend. Someone tells her about the website that allows people to switch houses with someone else for a month.

Sophie finds, by chance, a duplex in Paris, with view of the Eiffel Tower. Her first day there is idyllic. The next morning, she is woken up by the cops. A decapitated body is in the room next door. She has no way of proving that she isn't Bénédicte Serteaux, the owner of the duplex. The trap closes in on her She hasn't only changed apartments: she's changed bodies and destinies... Read more …

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The critical consensus

The schlock factor increases with every passing frame, but at least it's never boring, though whether it needs quite so many shots of Vanasse's unclad breasts is doubtful.

***(*)(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 29/03/2012

Like many high-concept thrillers, the plot frequently stretches credulity and there’s a less than exciting middle act as Cantona’s inspector plays catch-up.

David Edwards, Daily Record, 30/03/2012

The story moves like a bullet (more dumb perhaps than dumdum), but I enjoyed it.

Philip French, The Observer, 01/04/2012


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