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Jackpot (15)

Jackpot (15)

Action, Comedy, Crime

Terrified and bloody, Oscar Svendsen awakes clinched to a shotgun in a strippers joint. Around him 8 dead men, and police aiming at him. To Oscar it's clear that he is innocent. It all started when four chaps won 1,7 million on the pools...

The critical consensus

While not a game-changer, Jackpot is the kind of sprightly low-budget import which is likely to reward fans of the Nordic crime genre.

****(*)Eddie Harrison, The List, 01/08/2012

Although it can’t help but feel a touch retro in comparison to Sweden’s more sophisticated recent output, it gets by on good-humoured bad taste alone.

***(*)(*)Matt Glasby, Total Film, 30/07/2012

Casually gruesome and corpse-littered, it’s a shaggy dog story with an almost buried emotional core about friendship, betrayal, temporary alliance and craftiness.

****(*)Kim Newman, Empire Online, 06/08/2012

Its Guy Ritchie-esque stylistic flourishes soon wear a little thin and only the subtitles and the setting prevent it from immediately seeming like the generic crime caper it really is.

**(*)(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 09/08/2012

As straightforward – and disposable – as an airport paperback.

Michael Leader, Little White Lies, 09/08/2012

The latest Jo Nesbø adaptation fulfils the gore quota, but its sense of humour is suspect.

***(*)(*)Catherine Shoard, The Guardian, 09/08/2012

It’s more under-plotted shaggy dog story than suspenseful and clever narrative.

**(*)(*)(*)Henry Fitzherbert, Daily Express, 10/08/2012

Funny, outrageous and often surprising, it manages to combine black comedy with convincing police procedural detail and is based on a story by the redoubtable Jo Nesbø.

Philip French, The Observer, 12/08/2012

Not as slick as Headhunters, or as inventive, but a successful marriage of crime and comedy, played to deadpan perfection by the cast.

****(*)Alison Rowat, The Herald, 09/08/2012

Features about Jackpot (15)

Hitting the jackpot with Scandi-noir

Alison Rowat, The Herald, 02/08/2012

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Cameo, Edinburgh from Friday August 10, 2012, until Thursday August 23, 2012. More info:

Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow from Friday August 10, 2012, until Thursday August 23, 2012. More info:

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee from Friday August 24, 2012, until Thursday August 30, 2012. More info:

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