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Bay, The (15)

Bay, The (15)

Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Chaos breaks out in a small Maryland town after an ecological disaster occurs.

The critical consensus

It’s telling that the film doesn’t have anywhere near the impact, effectiveness or nuance that Steven Soderbergh’s glossy, similarly themed Contagion had, suggesting that, even though multiple-sourced footage remains a potentially interesting way to shoot a movie, using this particular framing device really has become redundant.

**(*)(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 28/02/2013

Opting for unknown actors (a must) and sparing use of special effects, it’s realistic, well executed and will satisfy those looking for a competent found-footage horror. Even if, truth be told, it’s hard to escape the feeling that we’ve seen this sort of thing many times before. The Bay, it seems, has come ten years too late.

**(*)(*)(*)Stephen Carty, Flix Capacitor, 28/02/2013

While it's a good deal classier than most straight-to-DVD shaky-cam shockers and certainly worth a watch, The Bay is ultimately too much of a late-comer to the party to make much of a lasting impression.

***(*)(*)David Graham, Eye for Film, 01/03/2013

Gruesome but oddly riveting.

***(*)(*)David Gritten, The Telegraph, 01/03/2013

It’s cleverly put together, the threat nicely revealed via various footage and is never over exaggerated to such an extent that it loses touch with reality.

***(*)(*)Henry Northmore, The List, 28/02/2013

Standard stuff, though Kether Donohue as the TV reporter reviewing the havoc is good value.

**(*)(*)(*)Anthony Quinn, The Independent, 28/02/2013

Acute observation of human behaviour is accompanied by sharp writing and an affecting performance from newcomer Kether Donohue as a novice reporter out to penetrate the cover-up.

*****David Cox, The Guardian, 28/02/2013

Tedious, unscary eco-disaster movie.

Nicholas Barber, The Independent on Sunday, 03/03/2013

The tension is well enough sustained, the horrors build steadily, the eco message is familiar.

Philip French, The Observer, 03/03/2013

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