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In the Heart of Darby Park

In the Heart of Darby ParkLeslie Black Photography

A girl has gone missing. Do her friends know more than they are saying?

A body has been found, and yet the police are getting nowhere. A father takes justice into his own hands. Playing it in a way that make sense to him. But nothing is as it seems, and evidence is just about unravelling stories within stories. Read more …

A play about envy, jealousy and every changing nature of ‘truth’.

The critical consensus

Instead of sticking with her story, Miller decides on a plot-twist that both undermines the structure of the play, and reduces its wider significance, making its violence seem gratuitous.

***(*)(*)Joyce McMillan, 28/03/2013

Where and when?

A Play, a Pie and a Pint, Glasgow from Monday March 25, 2013, until Saturday March 30, 2013. More info:

Perth Theatre, Perth from Tuesday April 2, 2013, until Saturday April 6, 2013. More info:

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