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Saving Mr Banks (PG)

Saving Mr Banks (PG)

Biography, Comedy, Drama

Author P. L. Travers reflects on her difficult childhood while meeting with filmmaker Walt Disney during production for the adaptation of her novel, Mary Poppins.

The critical consensus

Saving Mr Banks is an indulgent, overlong picture which is always on the verge of becoming a mess. Thankfully, reliable old Tom Hanks snaps his fingers and – spit, spot – everything more or less gets cleared away.

***(*)(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 20/10/2013

This is a proper drama with “heavyweight” actors and is not your average American popcorn fare. It definitely kept the audience and this reviewer entertained. I believe you will be recommending this film to your friends!

****(*)Thomas Haywood, The Edinburgh Reporter, 12/11/2013

There is a sense that Travers herself might have taken issue with the ‘happy ever after’ tone of Saving Mr Banks (at times it’s pretty sentimental stuff) but the engaging performances and story mean that you’d have to have a heart of stone not to be swept up in it.

***(*)(*)Gail Tolley, The List, 18/11/2013

Hanks and Thompson are a delight, Farrell gives one of his best performances, and there are some lovely moments as we observe the creation of the musical, especially when we hear the tunes.

****(*)Henry Fitzherbert, Daily Express, 27/11/2013

It’s not perfect, but it has more emotional directness than you might expect.

****(*)Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman, 24/11/2013

We sobbed all the way through this one. A rich, sophisticated movie hiding in the shell a simply entertaining one.

David Jenkins, Little White Lies, 28/11/2013

Hanks takes to Walt like a pair of cosy slippers, but it’s Thompson who adds layers to a classy but predictable slice of Disney schmaltz.

***(*)(*)Paul Bradshaw, Total Film, 25/11/2013

This is not a simple story of an uptight English woman induced to loosen up by those freedom-lovin’ Yanks, but a delicate and brilliantly acted story of overcoming the past to embrace an uncertain future. Emma Thompson, in particular, is magic.

****(*)Helen O'Hara, Empire Online, 25/11/2013

Saving Mr Banks might not be entirely accurate, but it is wholly engaging. Thompson is marvellous, as is Hanks, and the lesser roles are beautifully cast, too.

****(*)Brian Viner, Daily Mail, 28/11/2013

It is Emma Thompson's performance that carries the film. Even when PL Travers is behaving at her most imperious, Thompson is able to hint at her vulnerabilities and to keep the audience's sympathy.

**(*)(*)(*)Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent, 28/11/2013

Just what Christmas needs: a feelgood movie that doesn’t need a brain bypass.

****(*)Nigel Andrews, Financial Times, 28/11/2013

It's a shame we couldn't get more fireworks from the incomparable Hanks and Thompson.

***(*)(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 28/11/2013

Travers actively disliked Disney's movie, but no matter; ultimately, they didn't make it for her. On the other hand, as a diehard Thompsonite who considers Mary Poppins one of the 10 best movies ever made, they appear to have made Saving Mr Banks for me. And I loved it.

****(*)Mark Kermode, The Observer, 01/12/2013

Despite the film’s faults, Hanks and Thompson help the medicine go down with two fine performances.

***(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 02/12/2013

Features about Saving Mr Banks (PG)

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Nicholas Barber, The Independent, 13/10/2013

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Henry Fitzherbert, Daily Express, 24/11/2013

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Tim Masters, BBC, 28/11/2013

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Victoria Coren Mitchell, The Observer, 24/11/2013

How we made Mary Poppins

Anna Tims, The Guardian, 02/12/2013

Emma Thompson on her role in Saving Mr Banks

Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman, 03/12/2013

What Saving Mr Banks tells us about the original Mary Poppins

Kathryn Hughes, The Guardian, 07/12/2013

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