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Blended (12A)


After a bad blind date, a man and woman find themselves stuck together at a resort for families, where their attraction grows as their respective kids benefit from the burgeoning relationship.

The critical consensus

The Wedding Singer director Frank Coraci mines few laughs from the script but Sandler fans will find something to enjoy. They usually do.

**(*)(*)(*)Anna Smith, Empire Online, 22/05/2014

There are some mild flickers of life.

David Jenkins, Little White Lies, 22/05/2014

Will there be lots of opportunities to sacrifice their dignity in search of lazy laughs? All guaranteed.

**(*)(*)(*)Allan Hunter, Daily Express, 22/05/2014

So lazy you feel unconscionably guilty for snorting at the three jokes in its two hours that merit any response.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Mike McCahill, The Guardian, 22/05/2014

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore take The Brady Bunch to Africa in their third on-screen pairing, a coarse romcom that not even their proven chemistry can salvage.

**(*)(*)(*)Neil Smith, Total Film, 23/05/2014

The result is a desert of laughter-free desolation.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Mark Kermode, The Observer, 25/05/2014

You know they're going to make one big happy, blended family, the picture is shameless cheese, but thanks to Barrymore and a tamed Sandler in touch with his sensitive side, Blended is surprisingly watchable.

***(*)(*)Henry Fitzherbert, Daily Express, 25/05/2014

Sandler’s film bravely pitches at a new audience: one with an appetite for Brady Bunch homilies about fractured families reconfiguring into new family units, yet also finds a masturbating teen or a small child saying “vagina” to be hilarious. That’s a remarkable blend in itself.

**(*)(*)(*)Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman, 25/05/2014

At least it's not as bad as Grown Ups 2.

**(*)(*)(*)Matthew Turner, The List, 27/05/2014

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