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Benny & Jolene (15)


The trials and tribulations of the latest Indie Folk Star - Jolene.

The critical consensus

Even the charm of its two likeable leads can't sustain this flimsy road movie.

**(*)(*)(*)Angie Errigo, Empire Online, 02/06/2014

Even as a hipster rom-com it’s too reliant on rambling improv and superfluous quirks to sustain its sporadic laughs.

**(*)(*)(*)Simon Kinnear, Total Film, 02/06/2014

Sweet -natured but wafer thin and strangely lacking in memorable musical moments.

**(*)(*)(*)Allan Hunter, Daily Express, 06/06/2014

A great cameo by Dolly Wells helps and as I said, it’s cute.

**(*)(*)(*)Brigit Grant, Daily Express, 08/06/2014

A wilting, woeful effort in which the comedy comes nowhere close to being turned up to 11.

**(*)(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 07/06/2014

For every one sweet moment there are ten improbable like it.

**(*)(*)(*)Sophie Monks Kaufman, Little White Lies, 05/06/2014

This just goes to prove that it's easy to ape the improvisational style of the Duplass brothers or Shane Meadows, but pulling it off requires storytelling rigour, comic timing and more originality than what's on display here.

**(*)(*)(*)Leslie Felperin, The Guardian, 05/06/2014

Adams seems uncertain whether he is making a satirical comedy about the music business, a teen romance or a road movie.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Geoffrey MacNab, The Independent, 06/06/2014

While the on-off romance between the central duo is kinda cute, they never for one minute convince as a band – a fatal flaw.

**(*)(*)(*)Mark Kermode, The Observer, 08/06/2014

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