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Man Up (15)

Comedy, Romance

A single woman who's mistaken for a stranger's blind date, leads to her finding the perfect boyfriend.

The critical consensus

If it could decide whether it was a cute romcom or a dirty one, Man Up would be a real gem, but as charming as it is, it falls between two stools and never manages to, ahem, Man Up.

***(*)(*)Ali Plumb, Empire Online, 25/05/2015

Not up there with key US influences Annie Hall, When Harry Met Sally and Jerry Maguire, but a romcom Brits can be proud of. Make a date of it.

****(*)Jamie Graham, Total Film, 25/05/2015

Lake Bell steals the show in Ben Palmer's fast and mostly funny rom-com.

***(*)(*)Emma Simmonds, The List, 25/05/2015

Man Up has enough breezy pleasures to make it worthy of recommendation, particularly the chemistry between its leads and the dorky charms of Bell.

***(*)(*)Josh Slater-Williams, The Skinny, 28/05/2015

We know where the story is headed, and it gets progressively soapier and clumsier as it nears its destination, but along the way Tess Morris’s script maps out a modern dating landscape strewn with anxiety, deceit, emotional baggage and drunken meltdowns – all of which make true romance even harder to find.

***(*)(*)Steve Rose, The Guardian, 28/05/2015

They make an engaging couple with a very effective comic rapport but the film itself is more soppy British sitcom than genuine screwball. It is never quite as anarchic as it should have been.

***(*)(*)Geoffrey MacNab, The Independent, 29/05/2015

Man Up is better in the first half, when a simple twist of fate leads to a night on the town, and much less believable in a second half that grows increasingly conventional in this undemanding romp.

***(*)(*)Allan Hunter, Daily Express, 29/05/2015

Avoids the stale tropes and cliches while giving audiences what’s required.

****(*)Henry Fitzherbert, Sunday Express, 31/05/2015

Simon Pegg never seems at ease in this manic and outdated tale of a blind date gone wrong.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Jonathan Romney, The Observer, 31/05/2015

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