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Partisan (15)

Partisan (15)

Drama, Thriller

Alexander, a boy who has been raised in a sequestered commune, finds that his increasing unwillingness to fall in line puts him on a collision course with Gregori, the society's charismatic and domineering leader.

The critical consensus

Vincent Cassel is as compelling as ever in Ariel Kleiman’s intriguing if frustrating debut.

***(*)(*)Allan Hunter, The List, 04/01/2016

Kleiman has an eye for poetic imagery but the storytelling style is so oblique and dour that this is a jarring and difficult film to watch.

**(*)(*)(*)Geoffrey MacNab, The Independent, 08/01/2016

Vincent Cassel is the supposedly magnetic leader recruiting children for a robbery scam, but he never catches fire in Ariel Kleiman’s underpowered drama.

**(*)(*)(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 07/01/2016

What should be chilling has no real impact.

**(*)(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 09/01/2016

Ariel Kleiman’s disturbing debut explores the grooming of child assassins by a charismatic cult leader.

***(*)(*)Mark Kermode, The Observer, 10/01/2016

Where and when?

Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow from Friday January 8, 2016, until Thursday January 14, 2016. More info:

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