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The critical consensus

Happily, Paul is the film’s greatest asset. A fantastically realised CG creation who gets all the funniest lines and is brilliantly voiced by Seth Rogen, he’s the spark of originality that makes this film worthwhile.

***(*)(*)Paul Gallagher, The List, 02/02/2011

The geek brothers travel across the world only to find themselves. The resulting road movie is fondly indulgent rather than inspired, breezy but broad and indicative of treasured talents coasting.

***(*)(*)Kevin Harley, Total Film, 10/02/2011

The laugh count is topped by any single episode of Spaced, the delightfully geeky suburban sitcom in which stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost made their breakthrough.

**(*)(*)(*)Tim Robey, The Telegraph, 10/02/2011

The problem is self-indulgence and a distinct shortage of real gags.

**(*)(*)(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 10/02/2011

It’s a one joke movie, but the joke is funny.

Paul Greenwood, Evening Times, 10/02/2011

Pauly scripted and alienating.

**(*)(*)(*)Chris Tookey, Daily Mail, 10/02/2011

Writers Pegg and Frost keep the silliness bubbling along nicely.

***(*)(*)Alison Rowat, The Herald, 10/02/2011

Pegg is likeable as usual, Frost more doltish than usual, and Kristen Wiig an appealing convert from Bible-thumper to ladette.

**(*)(*)(*)John Walsh, The Independent, 11/02/2011

A rude, crude romp at times but with enough wit and affection to make you smile.

Daily Express, 11/02/2011

It targets the geeks with playful references to Star Wars, ET and Star Trek crowbarred in at every turn. A close encounter of the self-indulgent kind.

***(*)(*)Daily Record, 11/02/2011

As a concept, it's not without promise, but Pegg and Frost's script (their first together) isn't tight enough and nor is Superbad director Greg Mottolo's freewheeling style, which fatally exposes his Brit stars' limited acting abilities.

**(*)(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 12/02/2011

Too cosy to be very exciting. It's less Hot Fuzz than warm and fuzzy.

Nicholas Barber, The Independent on Sunday, 13/02/2011

They comically recapitulate the plots of several movies, broadly and amusingly.

Philip French, The Observer, 13/02/2011

Broader and more accessible than either Shaun Of The Dead or Hot Fuzz, Paul is pure Pegg and Frost - clever, cheeky and very, very funny. You'll never look at E. T. in the same way again.

****(*)Chris Hewitt, Empire Online, 14/02/2011

At two hours, Paul goes on too long with almost as many endings as Lord Of The Rings. There's still a lot of goodwill towards Pegg and Frost, despite Run Fatboy Run and The Boat That Rocked, but this ET feels phoned in.

**(*)(*)(*)Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman, 15/02/2011

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost continue bromance in Paul

STV, 20/02/2011

Features about Paul

'Paul': The funny thing about being an alien...

Will Lawrence, The Telegraph, 04/02/2011

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost: Losers in love

Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian, 05/02/2011

Simon Pegg impressed by CGI alien

STV, 05/02/2011

Looks like another alien encounter for Sigourney

The Independent, 08/02/2011

Is there anybody out there?

Alison Rowat, The Herald, 10/02/2011

Kristen Wiig swaps Saturday Night Live for Simon Pegg comedy, Paul

Steve Rose, The Guardian, 12/02/2011

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