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T2: Trainspotting

T2: Trainspotting


A continuation of the Trainspotting saga reuniting the original characters.

The critical consensus

Danny Boyle’s followup to the cult 1996 hit isn’t quite as quick and extraordinary as the original, but it is a funny, moving ode to middle-aged male disillusion whose risks pay off in spades.

****(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 19/01/2017

It’s clever in some respects, but there’s something a bit flat about the way the film repeatedly spells everything out.

***(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 19/01/2017

A wildly invigorating and enjoyable film true to the spirit of the original.

*****Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent, 19/01/2017

The cinematic equivalent of Madonna’s cover of ‘American Pie’.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)David Jenkins, Little White Lies, 20/01/2017

Danny Boyle embraces nostalgia in this deeply satisfying, bittersweet sequel to a modern classic.

****(*)James Mottram, The List, 20/01/2017

In some senses T2 shares elements with its Terminator namesake. It’s inventive and full of surprises. But unlike Cameron’s sequel, it doesn’t reimagine the original in quite the same glorious way.

***(*)(*)Ian Freer, Empire Online, 20/01/2017

Wiser, sadder but very much alive and kicking, T2 is a film that knows you can’t compete with the ghosts of the past. But at least you can dance with them.

****(*)Matt Glasby, Total Film, 20/01/2017

T2 is messy, befuddled, and a little disjointed, but still fuelled by the energy of the original.

***(*)(*)Joseph Walsh, The Skinny, 20/01/2017

You sometimes wonder whether the world really needed a Trainspotting sequel but T2 justifies its existence in John Hodge’s world-weary screenplay, in the unwavering commitment of the central performances and in the desire to see this cast back together for one last encore.

****(*)Allan Hunter, Daily Express, 27/01/2017

Danny Boyle’s long-awaited sequel to the era-defining Trainspotting is a vibrant and welcome reunion.

****(*)Mark Kermode, The Observer, 29/01/2017

Trainspotting sequel--more about losing life than choosing it.

Phyllis Stephen, The Edinburgh Reporter, 29/01/2017

A disappointing bloated sequel that fails to live up to expectations.

**(*)(*)(*)Adam Thornton, TVBomb, 31/01/2017

Features about T2: Trainspotting

Trainspotting sequel to tackle 'disappointed masculinity' of iconic characters

Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman, 14/01/2017

Trainspotting 2: Author Irvine Welsh believes there's 'room for one more' sequel.

Jacob Stolworthy, The Independent, 17/01/2017

Danny Boyle: Trainspotting sequel was case of 'now or never'.

Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman, 19/01/2017

Choose life? Trainspotting's realism hit a nerve, but we want escapism now.

Catherine Shoard, The Guardian, 19/01/2017

The former heroin addict helping to direct Trainspotting 2.

Daniel Dylan Wray, The Guardian, 19/01/2017

Things you didn't know about T2 Trainspotting (spoiler alert!).

Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman, 19/01/2017

T2 Trainspotting exclusive: Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Ewen Bremner and Jonny Lee Miller on why Danny Boyle had to direct.

jacob Stolworthy, The Independent, 20/01/2017

Interview: Irvine Welsh's take on T2 Trainspotting

Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 22/01/2017

T2 shows how much Edinburgh still has to change.

Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman, 23/01/2017

NHS chiefs thank Danny Boyle for T2 tribute.

Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman, 24/01/2017

John Humphry's tribute to the 1990s film Trainspotting.

BBC, 24/01/2017

Danny Boyle reveals reasoning behind T2 Trainspotting title.

Angus Howarth, The Scotsman, 25/01/2017

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