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Journey, The (12A)


A fictional account of the extraordinary story of two implacable enemies in Northern Ireland - firebrand Democratic Unionist Party leader Paisley and Sinn Fein politician Martin McGuinness - who are forced to take a short journey together in which they will take the biggest leap of faith and change the course of history.  Read more …

The critical consensus

The Journey can seem crass but it does deliver some effective moments and, despite many misgivings, it is extremely entertaining.

***(*)(*)Allan Hunter, The List, 01/05/2017

A speculative odd-couple road movie.

**(*)(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 04/05/2017

Colm Meaney and Timothy Spall play Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley in this well-intentioned what-if drama set during Northern Ireland’s peace talks.

**(*)(*)(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 04/05/2017

The Journey is a little glib and awkward but it is very enjoyable and offers a heartening celebration of the seemingly impossible: two sworn enemies discovering the common ground of their shared humanity.

****(*)Allan Hunter, Daily Express, 05/05/2017

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