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Mars Needs Moms (PG)

Animation, Action, Adventure

The critical consensus

Don’t be put off by the title. Wells harnesses 3D mo-cap wizardry for a children’s adventure that balances storytelling and sci-fi.

***(*)(*)Jonathan Crocker, Total Film, 23/03/2011

An uninvolving mo-cap adventure that's well below par. Marvin the Martian would be unhappy to share his planet with this bunch.

**(*)(*)(*)William Thomas, Empire Onlline, 04/04/2011

Mars needs moms: but audiences need better movies about moms.

***(*)(*)Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman, 05/04/2011

Ailing studio’s final film offers clues to its downfall.

Paul Greenwood, Evening Times, 07/04/2011

But does Earth need more mediocrity?

**(*)(*)(*)Chris Tookey, Daily Mail, 07/04/2011

Its ode to maternal self-sacrifice is quite touching, but as entertainment it's flat.

**(*)(*)(*)Anthony Quinn, The Independent, 08/04/2011

Far from stellar, it’s still amiable entertainment.

***(*)(*)Sukhdev Sandhu, The Telegraph, 07/04/2011

This one is ho-hum, so-so and so what?

**(*)(*)(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 07/04/2011

Good looks are about the only thing going for it.

**(*)(*)(*)Daily Record, 08/04/2011

Offers yet more proof that performance capture is a terrible idea when it comes to making fully animated feature films.

**(*)(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 09/04/2011

An ill-conceived misfire that is dark, claustrophobic and largely incoherent.

**(*)(*)(*)Henry Fitzherbert, Daily Express, 08/04/2011

As a grown-up, I enjoyed Mars Needs Moms, at least until its over-plotted final stretch.

Nicholas Barber, The Independent on Sunday, 10/04/2011

Children are unlikely to enjoy it, and parents will be aching for a few stiff drinks in a Mars bar long before it's over.

Philip French, The Observer, 10/04/2011

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