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Fast & Furious 5

Action, Crime, Drama

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The critical consensus

Full of foot-to-the-floor action, bikini babes and gleaming hoods, /FF5/ makes no attempt to adjust the formula. But why should it? Converts may be scarce, but fans will lap up its major-league mayhem. Oh, and stay for the end-credits cliffhanger…

***(*)(*)James Mottram, Total Film, 19/04/2011

This instalment should satisfy young fans and ageing Jeremy Clarkson types alike.

***(*)(*)Alison Rowat, The Herald, 21/04/2011

At two hours and 10 minutes this is not fast or furious, but slow, and sensationally boring.

Anthony Quinn, The Independent, 22/04/2011

A souped-up, idiotic but guiltily enjoyable addition to a franchise that seems to have some gas still left in the tank.

Lewis Bazley, Little White Lies, 21/04/2011

Tough on nuance, tough on the causes of nuance, this episode has the highest velocity and lowest IQ yet. See it on the biggest, loudest, dumbest screen you can find.

***(*)(*)Nick de Semlyen, Empire Online, 21/04/2011

It spins along very smoothly and efficiently.

***(*)(*)Catherine Shoard, The Guardian, 21/04/2011

[The action sequences] veer from breakneck-brilliance to Top Gear tedium, but when it's exciting, it is really exciting.

***(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 23/04/2011

As usual, the film thrives on excess.

Philip French, The Observer, 24/04/2011

The result is predictably daft and cheesy but much, much more fun than we had any right to expect.

****(*)Daily Record, 22/04/2011

The dialogue is corny, the ridiculous testosterone-fuelled plot is barely worth mentioning but the bone-crunching stunt work is impressive, the pace is breathless and loyal fans will not be disappointed.

Allan Hunter, Daily Express, 22/04/2011

It’s a bit too padded with unnecessary talk, but if you can look past the risible dialogue, tree-stump acting and frequent forays into the unintentionally hilarious, it will keep you smiling throughout, if not always for the reasons intended.

Paul Greenwood, Evening Times, 21/04/2011

The start and finish here, defying every imaginable law of physics, are series highs.

***(*)(*)Tim Robey, The Telegraph, 03/05/2011

Features about Fast & Furious 5

The Fast and the Furious: the franchise speeds on

Stuart Heritage, The Guardian, 14/04/2011

Where and when?

General release. Check local listings for show times.

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