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Cyrano de Bergerac

The hugely romantic Cyrano de Bergerac is given a Caledonian heart in a new production of Edwin Morgan’s Glaswegian-Scots translation by Citizens Theatre Artistic Director Dominic Hill. Read more …

The brash and flamboyant Cyrano’s low self-image prevents him from revealing his love for Roxane. He lends his poetic skills instead to the outwardly handsome Christian, who wins Roxane’s heart through his passionate ghost-written letters. Throughout his adventurous life, Cyrano continues to put quill to parchment, risking his life in the process, to express his true feelings.

An epic ensemble of actors and musicians use Morgan’s rich Scots verse to create a fresh take on the enduringly popular period piece, first seen in the classic production by Communicado 25 years ago. Rostand’s original story was most famously given the Hollywood treatment in the Steve Martin comedy, Roxanne.

The critical consensus

A brilliant looking production populated by terrific performances that’s nearly incomprehensible in its star attraction: the words.

***(*)(*)Michael Cox, Across the Arts

Morgan’s poetry is a perennially rich concoction, laced with the pains of being artfully alone and brought to life with furious and heart-breaking relish in a vintage production fired with breath-taking panache.

*****Neil Cooper, Coffee-Table Notes, 07/09/2018

The thwarted lover story, retold in dazzling Glaswegian Scots, has raucous spirit and flamboyant hairpieces but its verbal flourishes are lost in acoustic fog.

***(*)(*)Mark Fisher, The Guardian, 07/09/2018

Even that final imperfection is all of a piece with the jagged and unforgettable theatrical landscape of this production, which sings the big song of humanity in an inimitable Scottish voice, and with an ambition and sense of style that not only thrills the eye, but utterly wins the heart.

*****Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 07/09/2018

A sparky and moving ensemble ensure that in the main (give or take a couple of longueurs) the pace is consistent.

****(*)Lorna Irvine, The List, 07/09/2018

Dominic Hill's production with the National Theatre of Scotland is a bold delight and I can't imagine there's anything else quite like it!

****(*)Natalie O'Donoghue, Broadway World, 07/09/2018

It is one of those shows that is well worth seeing and experiencing.

****(*)Paul Guthrie, Reviews Sphere, 08/09/2018

Hill’s production is a tour de force that captivates, amuses and, ultimately, breaks one’s heart.

Mark Brown, Scottish Stage, 10/09/2018

Tedious, over-long, unfocussed, dull and largely impenetrable production from National Theatre of Scotland.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Peter Munro, The Wee Review, 10/09/2018

Hill’s production is certainly at its best during the most romantic scenes, when Cyrano’s poetry and Morgan’s witty, muscular translation take flight.

****(*)Allan Radcliffe, 10/09/2018

All in all, Cyrano de Bergerac is proof not only of the timeless appeal of Rostand’s original play, but also the remarkable creativity and daring of some of the brightest talents in Scottish theatre today.

*****Cat Acheson, The Skinny, 17/09/2018

Cyrano De Bergerac devotes time for the cast to develop their character. Time to be properly introduced, grow and garner emotion from the audience.

****(*)Dominic Corr, The Wee Review, 14/10/2018

Visually and verbally intoxicating, Cyrano de Bergerac at the Lyceum is a riotous, joyous expression of the human spirit.

*****Hugh Simpson, All Edinburgh Theatre, 14/10/2018

The result is racy and linguistically sparkling.

****(*)Kenneth Scott, Edinburgh Guide, 15/10/2018

A production which oozes professionalism.

****(*)Jacob Close, Edinburgh 49, 16/10/2018

Cyrano de Bergerac is so much more than a story about a nose. A love and war epic in the inimitable Glesga tongue with a great ensemble and mouthwatering costumes.

Seth Ewin, British Theatre Guide, 18/10/2018

As it is, it is a rather unsatisfactory piece of work, which lets itself be hindered rather than liberated by its Scots translation.

**(*)(*)(*)Ben Reiss, Plays to See, 25/10/2018

Features about Cyrano de Bergerac

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Where and when?

Tramway, Glasgow from Saturday September 1, 2018, until Saturday September 22, 2018. More info:

Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh from Friday October 12, 2018, until Saturday November 3, 2018. More info:

Eden Court Theatre, Inverness from Wednesday November 7, 2018, until Saturday November 10, 2018. More info:

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