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Revolution Days

Tramway, Glasgow

A riveting true story of trauma and survival based on the real-life experiences of an aid worker in the Middle East during the Arab Spring.  Read more …

Revolution Days follows Samira, an Aid Worker from Scotland, who goes through a baptism of fire during the ‘Revolutions’ in the Middle East. Believing she can make a difference, she takes on every mission, until, against a backdrop of war and violence, she is confronted by her own vulnerability. 

Staged as the 10th anniversary of the Arab Spring uprising draws to a close, this powerful play is told through the eyes of a young woman straddling both ‘her Scottishness and Arabness’. 

The play will be accompanied by the film Revolution Days: A True Reflection – a collection of interviews with people from Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan who experienced the Revolutions first hand. 


Where and when?

Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh from Tuesday November 23, 2021, until Wednesday November 24, 2021.

Tramway, Glasgow from Friday November 26, 2021, until Saturday November 27, 2021. More info:

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