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Cyprus Avenue

Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Eric (David Hayman) is a Belfast Loyalist, still very much stuck in the past. Completely convinced, despite his family’s protestations, that his five week old granddaughter is in fact the Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams, Eric believes his Protestant cultural heritage is under siege.  What can he do? He must act! Read more …

It’s true, Bernie!  If you look at that baby closely…especially now that I’ve drawn the beard on her…you’ll see…she is…that is a Fenian in our house….an unrepentant communist, an unapologetic ‘soixante-huitard’ masquerading as a new born…deliberately infiltrating this indomitable fortress of Unionism that I have built with my own….this is our house Bernie!’

Written by the celebrated playwright, David Ireland, Cyprus Avenue is an utterly hilarious, fast-paced, and absurd play with some extremely dark twists and turns.   Originally produced in London and Dublin to great acclaim, this Tron Theatre Company production, with a stellar cast, will be its Scottish premiere.


Where and when?

Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow from Tuesday February 27, 2024, until Saturday March 2, 2024. More info:

Tron Theatre, Glasgow from Thursday March 2, 2023, until Saturday March 25, 2023. More info:

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