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Submarine (15)

The critical consensus

Submarine manages to be genuinely hilarious whilst preserving a sinister tone riddled with existential angst more attributable to Bergman.

*****Chris Fyvie, The Skinny, 17/02/2011

It’s easy enough to talk of the promise evident in a directorial debut, but with Submarine Ayoade has reached far beyond that to deliver one of the warmest, bittersweet love movies of recent times.

Michael MacLennan, STV, 19/02/2011

Tonally, Ayoade treads a fine balance between poignant emotion and detached comedy, and his young leads serve him well in this regard.

****(*)Paul Gallagher, The List, 02/03/2011

Smart and sly, funny and fourth-wall-breaking… but above all, an excruciatingly accurate coming-of-ager. On this evidence, Ayoade could be Britain’s answer to Wes Anderson.

****(*)Ellen E Jones, Total Film, 04/03/2011

A perfect blend of cool, quirky comedy and warm-hearted drama, crafted with such poise that it should see the transcendence of Ayoade from TV nerd-comic to true big-screen talent.

****(*)Dan Jolin, Empire Online, 14/03/2011

Submarine is worth keeping on your radar even when its third act goes into choppy waters.

***(*)(*)Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman, 15/03/2011

A great date movie for geekier couples.

****(*)Nessa, TV Bomb, 16/02/2011

This may be an everyday tale but it’s told with a lot of ambition. No weighty messages, no lessons to learn, just a heart worn proudly on a duffle-coat sleeve.

****(*)Alison Rowat, The Herald, 17/03/2011

As for Ayoade, there's clearly a big future payday for him in Hollywood, if he wants it, but I can't help hoping he develops in depth and scope here, as a tremendous new voice in British film.

****(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 17/03/2011

Unusually for a British film, Submarine is fresh and non-formulaic. It looks great and Ayoade has come up with a darkly amusing tale packed with delightful details and odd but endearing characters.

Paul Greenwood, Evening Times, 17/03/2011

I would have traded all of its new wave dottiness and knowing whimsicality for a few spontaneous laughs.

***(*)(*)Anthony Quinn, The Independent, 18/03/2011

Offbeat British comedy.

***(*)(*)Chris Tookey, Daily Mail, 18/03/2011

Not since The Catcher In The Rye can I recall such an acutely well-observed tragic-comedy about the horrors of being a teenager.

*****Daily Record, 18/03/2011

Richard Ayoade's debut feature is a bold and masterful but low-key comedy that breaks the mould of indie film-making by being confident doing its own thing.

****(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 19/03/2011

It shows great promise but drags in places and just wasn’t funny enough for me.

Henry Fitzherbert, Daily Express, 18/03/2011

Submarine is so poised, so studded with good things (Hawkins and Considine are both consistently giggle-inducing), that it may be churlish to pick holes in it. But it’s exactly because Ayoade is such an obvious cinephile, and is so talented, that it’s important to insist that filmmaking this self-consciously stylised and citational will always lack the emotional impact that its director secretly and belatedly craves.

***(*)(*)Sukhdev Sandhu, The Telegraph, 18/03/2011

It's a stylish, touching, overly cute film, much influenced by the French New Wave.

Philip French, The Observer, 20/03/2011

This could have been merely cute and self-regarding, but in its easy vivacity, Submarine comes across as the most playful, least neurotic of film-buff films.

Jonathan Romney, The Independent on Sunday, 20/03/2011

Features about Submarine (15)

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Tom Lamont, The Observer, 13/03/2011

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Emma Jones, BBC, 15/03/2011

'I love deadpan': Richard Ayoade and Craig Roberts on Submarine

Henry Barnes, The Guardian, 15/03/2011

Periscope up: Richard Ayoade and Alex Turner unite their talents in hot new Brit flick Submarine.

Craig McLean, The Independent on Sunday, 20/03/2011

Dunthorne has housemate to thank for 'Submarine' launch

Leigh Singer, The Independent, 25/03/2011

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