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Dark, The

Traverse Theatre

Night is not the only darkness. Nick takes a breath as he tries to remember. Read more …

Fragments of a forgotten journey flicker in front of his eyes. It is night, November 1978. He is four years old. He is holding his mother’s hand as they wait on the escarpment. They are leaving Kampala. Buying safe passage and silence with all they have, they travel by matatu and the conductor asks no questions.

Their companions are the missing, lost and displaced. Those who have suffered eight long years under the rule of Idi Amin.

The critical consensus

In the current global fallout, in which borders, walls and lives on the run are in the thick of even more hyperbole, Makoha’s play is a poignant reminder of how being caught in a crossfire not of your making can leave its mark for life.

****(*)Neil Cooper, Coffee-Table Notes, 13/02/2019

A stellar production which offers sinew, muscle and heart to Makoha’s (among others’) story.

****(*)Dominic Corr, The Reviews Hub, 13/02/2019

There’s an equally powerful story afoot in Nick Makoha’s The Dark.

***(*)(*)Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 15/02/2019

A powerful piece of storytelling about those who share what little they have, while those in power gorge on money like locusts.

***(*)(*)Peter Callaghan, Review Sphere, 14/02/2019

Nick Makoha’s story of a journey out of of Uganda is harrowing, but leaves us confused and wanting more.

**(*)(*)(*)Ryan Hay, The Skinny, 18/02/2019

Caught between political and personal drama, The Dark is an intriguing but partial journey into terror.

***(*)(*)Gareth K Vile, The List, 20/02/2019

Where and when?

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh from Tuesday February 12, 2019, until Wednesday February 13, 2019. More info:

Tron Theatre, Glasgow from Friday February 15, 2019, until Saturday February 16, 2019. More info:

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