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Ugly! A Cinderella Story

Lanternhouse, Cumbernauld

Stuck on the sidelines of someone else’s story, the Ugly Sister is hackit, crabbit, and desperate for a change.

Across the ballroom, fresh from her success in glowing up Cinderella with a princess-worthy frock and fancy glass slippers, the Fairy Godmother is ready to kick back and enjoy another happy-ever-after. But finding herself stuck at the Wondernauld Christmas Ball, her fairy senses start a-tingling that there’s a wish still to be granted…

In this magical makeover journey, the Fairy Godmother and Ugly Sister must work together to achieve a transformation really worth doing and discover that true worth is on the inside, not the outside. But will the Ugly Sister accept the help she needs or has she been wearing this ‘ugly’ label too long to change?

An unforgettable spin on the classic Cinderella fairy tale, step into the magical world of Wondernauld for a festive treat that will have you laughing, singing, and dancing in the aisles.


Where and when?

Cumbernauld Theatre at Lanternhouse, Cumbernauld from Saturday November 25, 2023, until Saturday December 30, 2023. More info:

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