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Festival Review: Flight *****

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a 'story that should be told' that 'is executed beautifully'.

I have to start with a confession: before seeing Vox Motus' new show, I was worried that it might be a bit gimmicky. I'm glad to report that my worries were completely unfounded.

The anticipation built as we were taken in groups to a small, dark waiting area and asked to sit in a row—not unlike waiting outside the headmasters office. We could see or hear nothing of the experience that lay before us and were beckoned through, one at a time.

When my turn arose, I was guided to my own booth and given some headphones, feeling both excited and apprehensive. The models that tell the story of two young brothers as they journey to escape their native Afghanistan have clearly been created with meticulous attention to detail and are accompanied by a powerful soundtrack.

The impact of hearing the story through headphones is immersive and connects the audience to the places and people in a hugely moving way. The story is narrated beautifully by Emun Elliot, and the cast of actors who voice the story made me really care for the characters. It really didn't matter that they were models that did not move, we completely invest in their journey. At points I gasped out loud at the images presented, and at others I watched with childlike wonder, open-mouthed.

Flight is a technical triumph, and I can only imagine the weeks of work that have gone into carefully crafting the lighting design, which must consist of hundreds of tiny lights and illuminates each miniature scene with the same precision as in a full-scale theatre piece.

In the programme, co-director Candice Edmunds mentions 'a lovely little show' but it is clear that this is so much more: it is powerful and makes an important political and social point. It is a story that should be told, and it is executed beautifully.

In recent years this company has become known for innovation, and with this installation they have nailed a new way of storytelling.

Flight is on until August 27. Check programme for specific times as they vary.

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