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Festival Review: Appropriate ***

Michael Cox reviews a very entertaining monologue.

Sorcha is in crisis. She’s just walked out of her wedding party and has no idea whether she should go back inside or not. This is the day she has wanted all of her life, and she’s bagged the guy of her dreams. But is it what she really wants?

Sarah-Jane Scott’s hour-long monologue Appropriate is a very entertaining piece. Scott’s writing is very crisp: she knows how to construct an engaging story with interesting characters. But it is her performance that makes the production a winner; Sorcha is a character easy to root for, even when she makes pivotal mistakes.

Appropriate might not do anything new, but it tells its story well. It’s funny, moving and has a rather poignant ending that gives an ambiguous sucker punch.

Appropriate performs at Summerhall at 1915 until August 26th.

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