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Festival Review: Arr We There Yet? ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production with great performances but is in need of better direction.

A pirate voiceover gets us clapping and cheering and successfully capitalises on the excitement of the 100 or so youngsters in the auditorium. The cast of three are clearly highly skilled acrobats and jugglers and perform multiple tricks and slapstick moments that make for a fun 50 minutes.

However, the story is thin and the transitions between the circus sequences are a bit clunky for a theatre show and are in need of a director to tighten them up. They use 'classic' tricks, that as adults we've seen many times, but they engage their young audience, who shout out and cheer and at times are desperate to get onto the stage and help out!

The ending is cheesy but forgivable, however it is too abrupt, a symptom of the loose narrative, and it leaves us feeling a little cheated, although the promise balloon swords on sale outside softens the blow for the younger members of the audience who are keen to take home a memory of the experience. This is a display of superb circus tricks, so take it at this level rather than expecting a fully rounded theatre production and you won't be disappointed!

Underbelly Circus Hub, 5th - 26th August 2017, 2.00pm.

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