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Festival Review: Hot Gay Time Machine ****

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production with 'unashamedly camp frivolity' but also has real heart.

Hot Gay Time Machine follows two friends’ experiences of school and university, realising they are gay, coming out to their mums and the ups or downs of various exploits along the way. They vogue on to the stage with abundant energy which sets the scene for what's to come: an hour of unashamedly camp frivolity, during which these two bounce off each other brilliantly with sincere moments of real friendship, interspersed with witty songs, quips and affectionate put downs.

They utilise and satirise the stereotypes around homosexuality and the gay community in equal measure, but the piece has real heart and their sheer enthusiasm propels us through their coming of age tale.

They coped with the tiny performance space and close proximity to audience admirably, calling on us for support, sound effects and additional parts. If you're looking for highbrow theatre, I'd avoid this one, but if you want something that'll make you clap your hands, sing along and maybe even get up and dance, Zak and Toby are your men!

Hot Gay Time Machine, Underbelly Med Quad, 11:10pm Aug 8-28.

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