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Fringe Review: No Love Songs ****

Michael Cox reviews a 'highly entertaining' production.

Laura and Kyle hook up. Laura and Kyle have an odd “morning after” conversation that then somehow goes right. Next thing they know, Laura and Kyle are parents and suddenly life has become scary and full of responsibilities. Laura has postnatal depression, but Kyle is being encouraged to support the new family. A long-term gig in the States will take him away for months but will bring much needed money. Will Laura cope?

Such ground has been covered many times before—parenthood bringing about forced maturity and an end to once solid dreams and ambitions. However, there is a sincerity within No Love Songs that makes it all work. The songs used are from Kyle Falconer (of The View), and the book is by Laura Wilde (co-written with Johnny McKnight), so the resulting production has an authentic feel, and actors Dawn Sievewright and John McLarnon are charismatic, both individually and as the couple.

There is nothing original in No Love Songs, but it is still a winner: highly entertaining with infectious songs. You want the inevitable ending to come, and it’s great when it does.

No Love Songs performs at the Traverse Two space at the Traverse Theatre as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Performances are at alternative times until Sunday Aug 27th. It is also part of the Made in Scotland programme. Image by Raymond Davies.

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