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Review: Quest for Oz ****

Michael Cox reviews an interactive production 'with such an earnest heart that it's impossible to resist'.

Theatre Review: Portraits in Motion ****

Michael Cox reviews a unique experience.

Review: The Enchanted Forest--Shimmer ****

Michael Cox reviews a 'poetically beautiful and wonderfully engaging' experience.

Festival Reviews: Summerhall

Michael Cox reviews Mungo Park, Micky and Addie, The Dwelling Place, Under Ice and The Castle Builder.

Festival Reviews: Summerhall Reviews

Michael Cox reviews Us/Them, Denton & Me, One Hundred Homes, Hillary Clinton, Blank and (I Could Go On Singing) Over the Rainbow.

Festival Review: Wind Resistance ****

Michael Cox reviews a production filled with 'beautiful harmony'.

Review: Locked In--Distillery Escape *****

Jo Turbitt reviews an experience that's 'seriously great'.

Review: Hinterland ****

Michael Cox reviews 'an ambitious project that is worthwhile'.

Exhibition Review: A Century of Style--Costume and Colour 1800-1899 ****

Lorna Irvine reviews 'an absolutely beautiful and very much recommended' exhibit at Kelvingrove Museum.

Review: Phil Collins--Tomorrow is Always Too Long *****

Lorna Irvine reviews 'a masterpiece'.

Review: The Dwelling Place ****

Lorna Irvine reviews an 'impressive' production.

Review: The Reason Why I Become the Hamster

Lorna Irvine reviews the effective piece by Sako Kojima.

Exhibition Review: Spheres of Influence I (****)

Lorna Irvine reviews the exhibition tribute to Alasdair Gray at GOMA.

Cinema Review: David Bowie Is... (***)

Lorna Irvine reviews director Hamish Hamilton's cinematic journey through the recent exhibition of the iconic musician.

Across the Festival: August 9--A question of theatre

Michael Cox reviews Lippy, Exhibit B, Return to the Voice and The War.

Cinema Review: BBC Art Screen

Lorna Irvine reviews two films from the new arts documentary festival.

Across the Festivals: Summerhall

Michael Cox reviews a handful of productions at the acclaimed venue: Daydream, Titus, This Side of Paradise, Wot? No Fish!! and Lauder!

Michael Across the Festival - Aug 19, 2011

Michael Cox reviews Cloud Man, Allotment, Leo, Alma Mater, Last Orders, Ethometric Museum and The Oh-Fuck Moment.

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