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Music/Theatre Review: Undertow/Overflow ****

Michael Cox reviews 'an emotionally opulent' production.

Festival Review: Letters Live ****

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production that is 'moving, inspiring and hilarious'.

Festival Review: Jamie Wood--I Am a Tree ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production that leaves audiences 'feeling delighted, calm and just a little bit bemused'.

The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil

Michael Cox writes about the seminal play and the current touring production from Dundee Rep.

Festival Reviews: 887 & The Encounter

Michael Cox reviews two excellent productions, part of this year's Edinburgh International Festival.

Theatre Review: Abacus ***

Michael Cox reviews a TED talk-like presentation filled with impressive multimedia.

Review: The Dwelling Place ****

Lorna Irvine reviews an 'impressive' production.

Preview: O Is for Hoolet@Behaviour

Lorna Irvine looks at the most recent recipient of the celebrated Platform 18 Award.

Feature: Butterfly

Lorna Irvine catches up with the critically acclaimed theatre maker and aerial artist Ramesh Meyyappan ahead of his new show.

Across the Festival: August 17--Summerhall

Michael Cox reviews Near Gone, Shakespeare, His Wife and the Dog, Lands of Glass and ViewMaster.

Across the Festival: August 6--Summerhall

Michael Cox reviews KlangHaus, Klip, A Journey Round My Skull, Head in the Clouds, The Future for Beginners and Dead to Me.

Across the Festival: August 3--Traverse

Michael Cox reviews Cuckooed, Unfaithful, SmallWar and riverrun.

Michael Across the Festival '12 - Aug 15

Michael Cox reviews Churchill, Liz Lochhead: Making Nothing Happen and Jigsy.

Jo Across the Festival '12 - Aug 14

Jo Turbitt reviews Mairy Maclary and Friends, Dickens' Women, The Submarine Show and The Clique Royale: The Queen's Selection.

Michael Across the Festival '12 - Aug 05

Michael Cox reviews more Summerhall productions: Puellae, The List, How a Man Crumbled, Red Like Our Room Used to Feel, BUZZCUT and Puppet-The Book of Splendour.

Michael Across the Festival - Aug 30, 2011

Michael Cox gives his final review of the Festival by reviewing Alphonse, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Request Programme, One Thousand and One Nights and May I Have the Pleasure...?

Jo Across the Festival - Aug 12, 2011

Jo Turbitt reviews Magicians Do Exist, Coffin Up, The Man Who Planted Trees, Little Howard's Big Show, Fascinating Aida: Cheap Flights, Leo and Men of War.

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